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Beowolf essays

Beowolf papers Beowolf is the most established bit of British writing, and has made due for more than thirteen hundred years. Scops passed this epic for a long time until it was at last recorded by a Christian priest in 700 A. D.. The saint Beowulf constantly shows fortitude all through this cartoonistic story which in the long run prompts imprudence, an attribute of the human condition that is as yet substantial This epic is a customary decent versus abhorrent story. Beowolf fights three beasts all through the story. The initial two he accomplishes to benefit the individuals. His military expresses gratitude toward God when things go their route and all through the story there are references to both Christian and Pagan convictions, which gives it general intrigue. During his fight with Grendal, his mail shirt has otherworldly powers, like the intensity of God. Grendals brutal hooks can't contact Beowulf because of his ground-breaking mail shirt. At the point when he fights Grendals mother, he is given the blade of God. This blade is so ground-breaking that it can cut off Grendals head. At that point Beowulf without any assistance conveys his head back to the individuals, a head that supposedly would require four regularly tough men. Beowolf has a third brave endeavor at executing another irksome beast. In any case, during his fifty years as lord he has become to some degree egocentric. Rather than attempting to execute the beast to benefit his kin, he does is on the grounds that he realizes he can and to substantiate himself, once more. He even goes similarly as advising his military not to support him, this is work for one man just; him. During this battle, he isn't helped by God and it prompts his destruction. The beast mythical beast bites the dust yet not before tearing Beowulfs throat. This story has endure several years for some reasons. It has a cartoonistic quality to it because of the nitty gritty scenes of violence which gives it an entertaining quality. It was ... <! Beowolf expositions Since he endures the epic excursion, Beowulfs superhuman force empowers him to accomplish the status of epic saint. Beowulf begins his excursion outfitted with his superhuman quality. He is the most grounded man alive and is known for his extraordinary boldness. Beowulf and his 14 uncommon picked Geats propelled their boat...and started the excursion to cross the ocean. At the point when they show up they rush to tie up the pontoon and the warriors expressed gratefulness to God for safe section over the ocean. As they came inland they experience a coast watch who by glancing in his eyes trusted Beowulf to be more respectable than most warriors in defensive layer and permits them to pass. All he needed to do was persuade Hrothgar that he could carry out the responsibility. Beowulf at that point begins the second piece of turning into an epic legend by persuading Hrothgar the pioneer of a remote nation that he could do fight with the foe. After showing up in Denmark he tells Hrothgar Geatish men have originated from far. Beowulf tells Hrothgar of how he discarded a group of five goliaths, and had tested Brecca to a swimming race yet needed to remain adrift to kill nine beasts. Hrothgars pride would need to accept that Beowulf was there on account of past favors and, therefor permit him to assume the assignment of killing Grendel. Hrothgar then takes Beowulf and his 14 Geats to Hereot. This is the place the vast majority of Grendels strikes have come. As Hrothgar leaves for the night Beowulf says Here at Hereot I shay work my challenging deed or set out my life. As the sun fell his men started to fall alseep, yet Beowulf remained conscious sitting tight for Grendel. Grendel swing open the lobbies mouth itself and was in the lobby tearing and tearing ever ything in sight separated. When he got done with assaulting and murdering one of the Geats he went for Beowulf. Beowulf with his superhuman quality snatches Grendels arm. After they battle for sometim ... <!

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Relationship between nurse staffing, quality of nursing care and Research Paper

Connection between nurture staffing, nature of nursing care and result in emergency unit Research Paper Example After a correlation was done in five nations that are viewed as grown, just 40% of the medical attendants consented to have enough enrolled medical attendants (Hyun Cho et al., 2009). All together for an emergency clinic to perform well, they have to have enough enrolled medical attendants. Emergency clinics that have enough medical attendants are related with positive patient and medical caretaker results. The paper will give a survey of the connection between nurture staffing, nature of nursing care, and result in the emergency unit. Among the distinctive nursing care units in medical clinics, the emergency unit to have the most noteworthy number of attendants. The emergency unit patients who are truly sick and should be observed intently. The medical caretakers responsible for the ICU need to offer quality types of assistance just as protected nursing mediations immediately in order to spare life. For created nations like the United State, the proportion of attendant in the ICU to a patient is 1 †2 patients for every medical caretaker (Hyun Cho et al., 2009). The staffing of medical attendants in the ICU impacts the quantity of patients who get by the day's end. Emergency clinics with less medical caretakers doled out in the ICU are likely over worked and wind up having patients conceded for long with more intricacies. Korea is said to have deficient staffing in medical clinic. Research was done in Korea, which included 200 medical clinic demonstrated that solitary a little portion of 5%, of the emergency clinics met the necessary proportion of a patient to attendant of two patients for every medical caretaker (Hyun Cho et al., 2009). The absence of attendants has caused the relatives of the offer administrations to their patient. Because of the lack of medical attendants in Korea, the nation thought of a strategy intended to improve nurture staffing. As indicated by the arrangement, nurture staffing is a need and the National Health Insurance should ex pand inpatient nursing expense particularly to clinics with the most noteworthy number of enrolled nursing staffing. This arrangement by the Korean government was planned for keeping medical clinics from leaving a patient under the consideration of their relatives. Likewise, the approach targets improving the nature of nursing care being offered in Korea. The strategy is implied, be that as it may, for general wards, for example, the clinical careful and units barring the ICU. Different techniques were utilized to quantify nurture staffing and assess staffing sufficiency. The basic strategies utilized are the nurse’s view of staffing ampleness and the quantitative target utilizing observational information, for example, medical caretaker to quiet proportion. The investigation targets inspecting the connection between medical attendants staffing and the nature of nursing care, wear out, and work disappointment among ICU nurture in Korea. The examination in Korea included all t he medical caretakers working in the ICU of the 22 emergency clinics. The emergency clinics in the investigation were general ones that give either auxiliary or tertiary consideration. The measures in the investigation were made out of the medical attendant, ICU, and the clinic qualities. Emergency clinic qualities incorporate the degree of care, its proprietorship, area, and the size. The ICU qualities incorporate the unit expert, such clinical medical procedure and pediatrics, the number beds in the ICU unit, and the degree of attendant staffing (Hyun Cho et al., 2009). During the examination, the quantity of attendants was contrasted with the quantity of patients they were joining in. Then again, the nursing data incorporated the medical caretakers ICU forte, sex, age, training, conjugal status, among other import things. The nature of administration depicted by the medical attendants was

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UK Teacher Numbers Drop by 10,000 in a Year

UK Teacher Numbers Drop by 10,000 in a Year The OE Blog A startling new government statistic revealed on the BBC News website has shown that the number of state school teachers in England has plummeted by 10,000 in a single year. Education Cuts The news comes amid rising fears that deep cuts to the education budget might be having an adverse impact on the quality of teaching throughout the English education system. First we saw lecturers and senior university teaching staff fighting for their jobs, leading to increased higher education class sizes and a competitive market system introduced for university places. Many feared this might lead to the commercialisation of the university sector, with the focus subsequently switching from academic excellence to customer satisfaction and value for money, as cuts forced universities to compete for applicants. Now commentators fear that a similar climate of belt-tightening is having an impact further down the education system, as the news of this sudden drop in teacher numbers is greeted by explanations of tight budgets and difficult financial decisions. The suggestion seems to be that with less money to go around, fewer teachers can be hired and many are even losing their jobs. Department for Education Excuses Ironically, the Department for Education told the BBC News website that the reason for the apparently shocking drop in numbers was simply the fact that many schools are becoming academies and thus organising teacher employment independently of the state system. But with more than half of schools in England applying for academy status, this seems unlikely to be the reason, as the 10,000 figure doesn’t seem high enough to fit such an explanation. In addition, it is ironic that the Department for Education should cite academies as a reassurance, when many of those concerned about the failing English state school system are particularly worried about the diversion of funds into new academies rather than focusing on the improvement of already unsatisfactory state school facilities. Downgrading Staff? Another interesting statistic that may shed some light on the problem is the news that the number of teaching assistants in English schools has trebled in the past decade. This strongly suggests echoes of the same situation we have seen spreading throughout other employment sectors since the onset of the recession, where more senior, highly-paid employees are gradually decreased as younger, less-experienced staff are brought in in low-paid roles to replace them at a cheaper rate. This is similar to the problem in the business world at the moment where many university graduates are finding themselves working their socks off in unpaid internships as companies juggle lower budgets but try to achieve the same high work output. Whatever the reason, such a dramatic drop in teacher numbers is unlikely to be allowed to be swept under the carpet â€" the Department for Education is going to have some more explaining to do before too long.

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The Importance of Being Earnest Play/Film Comparitive Essay

The Importance of Being Earnest Play/Film Comparative Essay Oliver Parker’s (2002) film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is sadly completely consumed by the romantic comedy style, masking Wilde’s key concerns and detracting from important comic elements of the play. This can be observed through the varying representations of characters, the film’s lack of contextual jokes, the more prominent sub-plot between Dr Chasuble and Miss Prism, the addition of music and the way in which dialogue, while remaining true to the play, has lost meaning in the film. In the play, Wilde achieves most of his humour through the wonderfully satiric characters, however in the film Parker represents them as being far more†¦show more content†¦In the present context many of Wilde’s contextual jokes in the play may not be as humorous in the present context, thus it is understandable why Parker has placed more emphasis on the farcical jokes, which would appeal to a wider audience. When Wilde wrote the play it was at a time when literature was becoming more widely available for all citizens, wealthy or poor. This gave Wilde room to write as he did, making a mockery of the upper class, as the lower class would enjoy it. However that was over a century ago, and in the modern context people may not find this as relevant or quite as amusing. However, the farcical elements of the play, such as the plot, are the kind of jokes that can be understood in either context. Therefore, Parker has not focused on the contextual jokes, and instead on the fa rcical jokes. It is the farce nature of the plot that Parker has constructed his romantic comedy around. While this enables the film to be appreciated by a wider audience, it no longer embodies Wilde’s criticisms of the upper class, which was the crux of Wilde’s play. However, Parker not only stops at one overembellished farcical plot, but he does the same with an extended sub-plot. In Parker’s film adaptation, his emphasis of the sub-plot between Dr. Chasuble and Miss Prism, while becoming more entertaining, further detracts from Wilde’s concerns and only serves to strengthen the film as a romantic comedy. In Wilde’s play, Chasuble and Prism’s

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Smoking Speech Free Essays

Hi, the topic that I have chosen for my speech is â€Å"that smoking causes death† well that’s a pretty boring topic right . I’m going to be talking about the main effects, how many people die each year things like that. So do you want to die before reaching the age of 30? 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Smoking Speech or any similar topic only for you Order Now Smoking has a massive effect on health; smoking causes around 5000 deaths in New Zealand each year. 1. 3 billion people smoke around the world. Smoking causes 1 in 4 cancer deaths in New Zealand including cancers in the lung, mouth and throat which is where the smokes goes. When you breathe smoke, the smoke goes into your lungs and stars putting black tar into your lungs. This means it is harder to breath and your heart has to pump harder to get the oxygen around your body. That is bad for your heart. 2. Smoking is so dangerous why don’t people stop? Stopping is more difficult than starting. Nicotine is addictive this means that the nicotine in the cigarettes makes you want more and more and you can’t stop you keep wanting cigarettes. So you keep on buying more smokes and waste a lot of money. Even people who don’t smoke may be killed by other people’s smoking. Around 350 New Zealanders are killed each year because of second hand smoking. 3. Everyday in Britain about 450 children start smoking, 1 in 4 who turn into regular smokers by the age of 15. Would you want your child to become addicted to smoking? Cigarettes smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals and 69 are known to cause cancer. Why is smoking so harmful? 1. Nicotine: is a highly addictive drug, which stimulates the nervous system. 2. Tar: is a Sticky substance contains many toxic chemicals and causes cancer. The number of smoke related deaths is also equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing everyday of the year! That is about 330 people each day, 120 thousand people every year. In 1994 over 1154 million cigarettes were smoked by 11 to 15 year olds. 30% of all cancer deaths are because of smoking. In conclusion I think that smoking does cause death and I hope you agreed with me. So be wise and don’t chose to walk the smokers path, thank you for listening and hoped you enjoyed my speech. How to cite Smoking Speech, Papers

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Virtual Marketing Technique-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Virtual Marketing Technique. Answer: Introduction: Virtual marketing is a new technique that many organizations are applying in order to introduce innovation the marketing strategies of the organizations (Barnes, 2016, p.11). Marketing is the one of the most fundamental duties of the organization. Implementation of appropriate marketing strategies can bring about desired results in the profit margin of an organization. Virtual marketing includes the practice of social networking devices and other technological advancements to achieve the virtual marketing objectives of the organization. Virtual marketing strategies are the result of the implementation of change management strategies inside the organization. Marketing strategies of the organization change according to the changing needs of the market, i.e. customers in the industry (Griffin et al. 2017, p.25). In this assignment, the impact of virtual marketing in the business development of the organization will be discussed an evaluated. Tesco is a leading general merchandise retail er. It has stores in the several countries of Asia and Europe. The organization has adopted virtual marketing strategies for their stores. Objective: Determination of objectives is important to perform any kind of activities. In this part of this assignment, selection of appropriate research objectives is significant to bring about desired outcome from this research assignment (Denham, 2016, p.41). Researcher needs to explore several avenues of business development in order to understand the implication of virtual marketing in the business development process of the organization. To develop un understanding on the changing needs of the customers with the passing of time To perceive the impact of virtual marketing strategies in the future development of the organization To evaluate the impact of virtual marking strategies in the development of overall industry Virtual Stores: The second largest market of Tesco outside United Kingdom lies in Asia, especially in South Korea. Tesco has launched their virtual stores in Seoul (Tescopoly.org. 2017). South Koreans are used to spend longest working hours. They have lesser time than others to go the traditional grocery stores to purchase products of their daily requirements. By identifying their daily needs, Tesco introduced their virtual shop concepts in the market of South Korea. Though the virtual marketing strategies prove their potentialities in the development of the organization, this study will specifically focus of the virtual stores of Tesco in South Korea. Tesco declared the decision regarding their virtual store investment in South Korea in 1999. They tied up with Samsung in order to use their mobile technologies in the virtual marketing strategies of the organization (Tescopoly.org. 2017). They introduced the use of Home plus app to implement the virtual marketing strategies of the organization in South Korea. They connected to the delivery services of the services associated with Home plus app. In 2011, Tesco introduced their first virtual store in Seoul, South Korea. Virtual stores are established in the public places like, bus stands, subways, the places which are frequently visited by the daily consumers in daily basis. Tesco used to maintain popular grocery stores in the several places of United Kingdom and other countries. Customers are accustomed with the quality of their products and services. Virtual marketing strategies of the organization may attract their additional attention towards the products and services of the organization (Wu et al. 2017, p.459). Interested customers need to download a Home plus App in their mobile phones. Customer needs to enter into the Virtual stores of the organization and use their mobile phones to scan the QR codes of the products. In the virtual stores, there are no actual products that are displayed; the posters of the actual products are designed according to the patterns of the product and shelf structure of the Tesco grocery stores. Organizations kept the look of the virtual store same as the looks of the grocery stores of the organization to make it more acceptable to the customers of the organization. The products scanned by the customers are stored in the basket of online server of the organization (Murahari and Joshi, 2016, p.21). After the payment has been made by the customers, Home plus app send a notification regarding the delivery of the products. According to delivery norms of the organization, the products are delivered to the required address within scheduled time. According to the sales performances of the Tesco, the virtual marketing strategies of the organization have been proved to be a huge success. As per the recent research data, almost the instances of 900,000 app downloads has noticed over year in South Korea. The online sales percentage of Tesco has been increased to 130 percent, after the introduction of virtual stores and relevant apps. The number of registered app users increased by 76 percent in South Korea. Organization should keep modifying their virtual marketing strategies to access further success in this regard. Relationship between the Consumers and Virtual Technology: The management of Tesco should realize the needs and requirements of the concerned customers they are serving in order to fulfill the objectives of the regarding their virtual marketing strategies. South Korea is a country having around 50 million of people. They are counted as he 12th largest economy of the world and 4th largest economy of Asia. Organization needs to understand the use of virtual technologies in the virtual marketing strategies of the organization (Verhoef et al. 2017, p.19). In these days, the shopping activities of the customers usually involve the use of technological advancements. Use of virtual technology gives the consumers a sense of physical presence in the stores they are planning to shop from. Customers want to be present in the shop before their desired products in the time of shopping. Though, their hectic schedules in life do not permit them to spend a quality time in their shopping practices. Virtual marketing strategies of the organization provide the m the opportunity to spend a reasonable amount of time to serve the purpose and criteria of their shopping (Kim et al. 2017, p.26). The behavioral concept lies behind the virtual technology is the satisfaction the customers gain being physically present in the time of their shopping. I-It Relations- Instrumental Relations between consumers and Virtual Technology in Shopping Activities: Researcher explores the previous topics on the relation between the consumers and virtual technology in order to relevant understanding on the research objectives of this assignment. In order to understand the mentioned relation, researcher needs to study the related topics, like- Development of Virtual environment in the industry Development of Virtual object in the industry Personalization of Virtual technologies Sensorial Enrichment Spatial Interaction Books and studies regarding the Development of Virtual environment in the industry helps the researcher to understand the concept of 2D and 3D technological advancements in the shopping practices of the customers in the concerned community (Kesharwani et al. 2017, p.46). This study enables the researcher to compare the utility of 2D and 3D technological devices in geometric and materialistic display of the product. In this study, researcher experienced the impact of virtual affordances in the shopping preferences of the consumers. The studies related to the Development of Virtual object in the industry focus on the interaction pattern of the consumers with the virtual objects. The concept of virtual handbag in the virtual marking strategies of the organization involves the use of different virtual objects like, web cam, TV screen, computers etc (Cisternas Vera, 2017, p.21). It helps the organization to develop user friendly strategies for their customers to provide better the shopping experiences. Personalization of Virtual technologies helps the organization to provide recommendation services to their customers. Virtual technological assistance acts as an shopping assistant for the customers. They guide customers by providing them information regarding variety of relevant products as per their choices and preferences. There are some studies which provide relevant information regarding how the relation between the consumers and virtual technologies influences the shopping experiences of the individuals by indulging them in Sensorial Enrichment (Kesharwani et al. 2017, p.46). Researcher found out the importance of auditory experiences in the shopping behavior of the consumers. Spatial Interaction implies the use of special technologies in the shopping experiences of the customers. It indicates the use of different controlling and monitoring system in the virtual marketing strategies of the organization. I- other Relations- Connected with Consumers: I-Other relation studies the influence of relations between different consumers and between the consumer and marketers in the virtual environment of the industry. Virtual technologies are useful in creating telepresence experiences in the virtual marking strategies of the organization (Deighton et al. 2017, p.137). Virtual Communication Technologies are more advanced compare to other communication techniques used by the organization. Other communication techniques used in the communication system of the organization are, text messages, email, telephone etc. Virtual communication system broadens the arena of the marketing activities of the respective organization and shopping experiences of the customers. The extensive use and availability of smart phones and internet enables the consumer to access the advanced virtual communication shopping facilities provided by the organization. Research tries to focus on the following points of this study in order to understand the marketers-consu mer and consumer-consumer relationship in the context of virtual marketing. Dissemination on virtual Communities: Virtual communities can be viewed as typical social groups with common taste in choices and preferences. Virtual communities are formed through the use of virtual media (Eli et al. 2016, p.58). Virtual communities evince collected choices of contemporary groups. Research explores the influence of these virtual communities in the marketing strategies of the organization. Trustfulness on Virtual Communities: Virtual communities share information regarding the availability and effectiveness of the products among themselves. These are helpful to increase product related awareness among the consumers (Deighton et al. 2017, p.137). Trustfulness of the virtual communities involves the issues related with online information and policies of respective organization. Social Structure of Virtual Communities: Social structure of the virtual community displays the social trust and transparency criteria of the respective virtual groups (Eli et al. 2016, p.58). The influence of social model in the virtual communication groups determines the preferences of these groups regarding the purchase of a particular product. Social Presence of Consumers in Virtual Communities: Every consumer belongs to particular society. Every society bears some particular traits of culture. Virtual communities express the cultural preferences of the respective groups in the social networking sites (Deighton et al. 2017, p.137). Researcher gets involve in some affairs of these groups to evaluate the influence of these groups in the virtual marketing strategies of the respective organization. Use of Potential Consumers, Virtual Communities as the Marketing Tools of the organization: Respective organizations use their satisfied customers and these virtual informal communities as effective marketing tools of the organization. These consumers and communities are helpful develop potential market for the products of the business organization (Eli et al. 2016, p.58). Researcher studies the effect of these communities in the virtual marketing strategies of the organization. I-World Relations- Synthesizing the concept of Virtual Shopping with the Real World Shopping: The study of I-World relation evinces the behavioral responses of the consumers regarding their virtual shopping as well as the real world shopping experiences. Researcher mainly focuses on the area where customers express their preferences in virtual shopping over real world shopping and vice versa (Panov, 2017, p.21). Tesco is providing virtual shopping experiences to their customers. They have also real world stores and customers worldwide are experiencing real world shopping through their stores. Tesco now can compare the prospects both selling and marketing strategies in the development of the organization. Consumer Perception regarding the Virtual Products in the respective Shopping Space: Virtual shopping environment helps the customers to perceive virtual imprint of the actual products. Researcher of different times and ages used to study the satisfying ways and processes of product display in the virtual shopping environment. The connection between the technological advancements and consumer preferences determines the effectiveness of virtual shopping in the contemporary industry (Irwin, 2016, p.34). Customers seem more satisfied with the 3D display of the virtual products rather than the 2D features of the online products placed in the company or retail marketing websites. 3D feature of the virtual products satisfies the selection need of the customers. Virtual Environments and Shopping Intentions: Shopping intentions come before actual shopping experiences of an individual. The marketing strategies of the respective organization concentrate on developing shopping intentions among the customers of the organizations (Panov, 2017, p.21). Researcher studies the impact of shopping intentions of the customers in increasing the importance of virtual selling strategies in the industry. Somewhere Between Bricks-and-mortar and Virtual Shopping: There is a relation between bricks and mortar shopping and virtual shopping. There are the instances of several literature concentrating on the concerned relationship. Some researcher explores the multi dimensional effect of virtual environment in the shopping experiences of the customers and the impact of such multi dimensional effects on the real world shopping experiences of the individuals (Irwin, 2016, p.34). Virtual shopping is the new idea of the business organizations and they need the support of real world shopping infrastructure in order to bring about drastic changes in the shopping practices of the industry. Conclusion: In the conclusion of this literature review, it can be said that virtual technology plays a significant part in the virtual marketing strategies of respective organization. Introduction of Virtual shopping stores by Tesco can be counted as the appropriate implementation of the change management strategies to bring about revolutionary changes in the production process of the organization. Researcher tries to meet the objectives of the study by collecting relevant information on the related topics. This study will help the organization to perceive the future development of the organization on the basis of virtual shopping strategies and environment of the organization. This study will also help the future researchers to undertake further research on the related topics. Reference Lists: Barnes, S., 2016. Understanding Virtual Reality in Marketing: Nature.Implications and Potential. Cisternas Vera, F.O., 2017. Essyas on the Impact of New Technologies on Firm-Consumer Relationships. Deighton, J., Goldenberg, J. and Stephen, A.T., 2017. Introduction to Special Issue: The Consumer in a Connected World.Journal of the Association for Consumer Research,2(2), pp.137-139. Denham, G., 2016.System and method of providing a virtual shopping experience. U.S. Patent Application 15/086,991. Eli, K., McLennan, A.K. and Schneider, T., 2016. Configuring relations of care in an online consumer protection organization.Careful Eating: Bodies, Food and Care, p.173. Griffin, T., Giberson, J., Lee, S.H.M., Guttentag, D., Kandaurova, M., Sergueeva, K. and Dimanche, F., 2017. Virtual Reality and Implications for Destination Marketing. Irwin, S.O.N., 2016.Digital Media: HumanTechnology Connection. Rowman Littlefield. Kesharwani, A., Sreeram, A. and Desai, S., 2017. Factors affecting satisfaction and loyalty in online grocery shopping: an integrated model.Journal of Indian Business Research,9(2). Kim, H.Y., Lee, J.Y., Mun, J.M. and Johnson, K.K., 2017. Consumer adoption of smart in-store technology: assessing the predictive value of attitude versus beliefs in the technology acceptance model.International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education,10(1), pp.26-36. Murahari, J. and Joshi, R., Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., 2016.System and method for creating interactive personalized virtual stores. U.S. Patent Application 15/009,281. Panov, A.I., 2017. Behavior planning of intelligent agent with sign world model.Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures,19, pp.21-31. Tescopoly.org. (2017).South Korea | Tescopoly. [online] Available at: https://www.tescopoly.org/country/south-korea [Accessed 11 Aug. 2017]. Verhoef, P.C., Stephen, A.T., Kannan, P.K., Luo, X., Abhishek, V., Andrews, M., Bart, Y., Datta, H., Fong, N.M., Hoffman, D.L. and Hu, M., 2017. Consumer Connectivity in a Complex, Technology-Enabled, and Mobile-Oriented World with Smart Products. Wu, J., Thoreson, N., Koo, J. and Kim, A., 2017. Co-design Visual Displays in Virtual Stores: An Exploration of Consumer Experience. InManaging Complexity(pp. 459-462). Springer International Publishing.